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Are the Kits available for wholesale?

Yes, we do have wholesale options available. Please get in touch so we can understand your needs and tailor a price that works for you!


Craft Kits for Team Activities

Yes - we can help with your remote team activity too!

We can deliver the Kits to each individual in your team so they can get their own kits at home. All you need to do is to purchase the number of kits you need and send the individual addresses via inbox OR through the "Add a Note" field on the purchase flow.


How much can we do with the Pottery kit?

Our step-by-step guide will walk you through the key steps to create a Mug, but you can apply the same instructions to any other shape you have in mind!

1 kg of clay is enough to build
- 2 tea size mugs
- 4 or 6 espresso mugs
- 2 small plates (dessert plate) or platters
- 1 dinner plate
- 2 small vases (like the blue one pictured on the listing)


Do I need to get the clay fired?

The clay that we use for the Pottery Kit & the Pottery+Macrame Kit is proper for firing on high temperatures (1300°C 🔥) so it can be used as a functional homeware - such as a mug or a dinner plate.

However, if you want to use it as a decorative item, like an incense holder or a pot for dried plants, then it is ok to keep it air dried only. You just need to make sure that it doesn't get in contact with water as clay is always recyclable before getting fired. It will also be a bit more vulnerable to impact so just keep it in a safe spot!


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