Creative kits
to reconnect


It's time to get a remote community connected again

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Unique kits to
cheer up

We love cookies but it can't be the only gift option available, right? We believe special gifts create emotional connections, so we worked hard to create heartwarming kits that will surprise and engage ♥️.

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Facilitation toolkit
for remote activities

Facilitating a remote workshop is hard on its own, so we believe adding a pinch of clay, some raw rope or a special coffee beans is just the dose of fun we were missing on these calls! Ps.: Laptops may get dirty! 😂

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Gifts or workshops?
You choose

Our boxes were designed to be unusual gifts or collaborative team activities. Every kit also includes a digital PDF to help facilitate a workshop - so all you need is to go with the flow, literally!


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Get it delivered
to each team member

Want the boxes delivered individually to your team members? Or would prefer it delivered to your office? We can arrange both, easy peasy!

Wait no longer,
check it out: